The best coffee shop on the Gold Coast: Commune Café

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Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast of Australia is a small beach town known for its world famous surf, its Sunday sunset drum circles and in my opinion one of the best cafés in the world, Commune Café.

In simple terms, Commune Café will check off every box in your food & drinks desire list.

Want a  great espresso along with your breakfast? Check.  Feeling rough and want to show that hangover who’s boss by ordering a fresh juice or smoothie while listening to great tunes on the patio? Check. Hungry and in the mood for one of their famous hot-pressed sandwiches or home-made salads? They’ve got you covered. Want to impress your lady with your ping-pong skills during a Sunday brunch date? You guessed it; they have a table set up just for you.Commune Cafe Burleigh Heads front

Commune Cafe Burleigh Heads 2Because of this and more, Commune has truly set itself away from the rest and successfully created a loyal customer base one would have to see to believe. I’ve learned on my long-term travel journey that restaurants are usually packed or empty for a reason. So if you want good travel advice, then trust the crowds my friends! Even if there is a queue out the door, customers always come back for the great food and amazing service at Commune.
Commune Cafe Burleigh Heads eggs bene
Now that you’ve worked up an appetite reading about the food I’m sure you are wondering what you should order? If I was in the mood for some brekkie I would go for the Eggs Benedict with bacon and I would add avocado into the mix to make the experience even more magical (picture above). I personally always go with a cappuccino but if a hangover is involved I would also order one of the fresh juices or smoothies on offer. Trust me when I say, the “Green Smoothie of the Day” will jump start your day and help you wash away last night’s sins.
Commune Cafe Burleigh Heads
For brunch/lunch I highly recommend the most popular sandwich at Commune; the Pesto Chicken on turkish loaf (picture below). Every person who eats this sandwich will have the same two thoughts, “Holy-Shit this is the best sandwich I’ve ever had” and “If my mom knew how to make this I would’ve never moved out.” I could try to describe this sandwich, but it’s just easier if you go experience it for yourself. By the way, word on the street is that when Jesus comes back in the flesh he’ll be making a stop by Commune to try the Pesto Chicken, so get on it before the whole world knows about it!
Commune Cafe Burleigh Heads sandwichLastly, what I like most about Commune Café is not just the delicious food but also their friendly and welcoming atmosphere. At Commune you’re encouraged to bring all your friends and make an event out of it by sitting together and shooting the shit wherever your hearts desire. Indoor tables, front patio couches and outdoor seating in the courtyard are all up for grabs. If you are looking to read a newspaper, chat with friends, play ping pong on Sundays or just soak in good music along with your meal, then I guarantee this place is for you.

Commune is open from 6am till 3:30pm (kitchen closes at 2:30pm) daily so beat the rush and come in for a meal you will never forget.

Cheers Nerissa, Mitch and the whole Commune family. You definitely fed this drifter and without you guys this trip would have not been the same.

Facebook: Commune Cafe

1844 Gold Coast Highway, Burleigh


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