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Less is more.

This 28-year-old woman true to her gender often dreams of the walk-in closet she once use to have. A freak about compartments you could expect everything from my heels to my jewelry to be perfectly organized and even color coordinated. So naturally, when I realized I was legitimately going to live out of a backpack during my around the world trip, I went on a giveaway rampage and ferociously condensed a life worth of things to a bag full of necessities.

Now for those reading this post and contemplating a long-term getaway, know that no matter how good you are at packing, packing for an indefinite trip is simply hard. And may I say even harder when you need to consider the facts that you are: a) moving off an island and packing four years worth of stuff b) starting your trip during the winter season in good old Europe and c) limited to a backpack where everything from clothes to medicine needs to fit and stay under 20 lbs.

Personally for me, I found drafting a “packing categories” list based on climate conditions helped.

1. Tops:
-tank tops for summer days
-long sleeves for winter layering days
-a waterproof trendy multi purpose jacket
-two scarves: a light one for warm weather and a thick one for extreme cold

2. Bottoms:
-six cotton socks to avoid sweaty feet
-tights/pantyhose for cold winter days and for formality purposes in conservative countries
-a pair of jeans and couple sheer dresses/garments (easy to fold and wash)

3. Under clothes:
-ten days worth of underwear in case doing laundry was impossible
-a couple sports bras for extreme all around comfort
-thermals for the winter season

4. A personal/ valuables case:
My computer case became my valuables case holding my computer and all other important travel documents. I made sure this bag was with me at all times and reorganized frequently in order to keep good inventory of what was important incase of an emergency.

5. Shoes:
-a pair of shower sandals
-solid black running shoes
-water resistant heavy duty Dr. Marten all around boots

6. Medicines:
Luckily for me my mom works at a hospital so she prepared a handy bag with medicine for all sorts of things but the most important ones I’ve found use of are: cold medicine, cough drops, birth control, pain killers, antibiotics, stomach/ digestion medicine, allergy pills, skin care for rashes and a basic first aid kit with everything you would need to heal a wound.

7. Lastly, miscellaneous items:
-an extra day waterproof travel backpack
-locks for hostel lockers
-electronics converter
-a Leatherman
-a moleskin travel pad
-travel towel
-travel book
-IPod and a couple movies

Once I had a clear understanding of what I was to bring on my trip I used little compartment bags to keep everything organized by category and used my own stuff to create a “closet effect” in my bag to keep some sanity. The most important thing about your travel backpack is remembering exactly where you can find everything and anything you need at any given moment. So adopt the “less is more” rule and remember if you haven’t worn something in your closet in the past week then you probably won’t need it on your trip anyways.

Drifter tip- when drunk and in doubt NEVER EVER leave your valuables unattended in a bathroom or even your own hostel bed. Create a good system and an easy packing routine for each place upon arrival. This will make the going in and out of your stuff easy and not a travel nightmare!

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