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Less is more.

This 28-year-old woman true to her gender often dreams of the walk-in closet she once use to have. A freak about compartments you could expect everything from my heels to my jewelry to be perfectly organized and even color coordinated. So naturally, when I realized I was legitimately going to live out of a backpack during my around the world trip, I went on a giveaway rampage and ferociously condensed a life worth of things to a bag full of necessities.

Now for those reading this post and contemplating a long-term getaway, know that no matter how good you are at packing, packing for an indefinite trip is simply hard. And may I say even harder when you need to consider the facts that you are: a) moving off an island and packing four years worth of stuff b) starting your trip during the winter season in good old Europe and c) limited to a backpack where everything from clothes to medicine needs to fit and stay under 20 lbs.
Travel-Packing-clothesDrifter tip- when drunk and in doubt NEVER EVER leave your valuables unattended in a bathroom or even your own hostel bed. Create a good system and an easy packing routine for each place upon arrival. This will make the going in and out of your stuff easy and not a travel nightmare!

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